The mission
Our mission is to provide the arena (Platform) that promotes responsibility toward challenging environmental issues, and creates the atmosphere for collaboration among all mankind to solve these issues.

About Adveranda
Although clean and healthy environment is the desire of everyone, the environmental situation is getting worse everyday, there are many factors to be determined and analyzed before reaching a formula that would work. Adveranda is a web site that acts as a platform to discuss, innovate and share all clean energy aspects, it is intended to back up all the researchers from all fields (scientists, technologists and environmental activists), they are considered the spinal cord of the site, and they are all welcome aboard.

ADVERANDA is a people built community, that would keep the cycle operating for those who want to make business in the field of clean technology, those who want to make research in this field and those who simply want to live in a clean environment. In addition Adveranda is to maintain the mentioned cycle active and healthy, and to create more reasons for all the parties to be satisfied and more active.

Mohammad Barghouthi

Middle East Technical University Master of Science (MSc), Analytical Chemistry 1995 – 1997

Middle East Technical University Bachelor of Science (BSc), Chemistry 1990 – 1995

About Me
Being an environmental chemist for more than 10 years now, I realized that humans have lost their compass towards planet earth, a crisis of culture and mindset before being a crisis of global warming and pollution. Hence, My partner, Mr. Loay Qasem and I decided to build the first web-based social network dedicated to Environment issues and potential solutions, where everyone can pour in knowledge, ideas, practices and even researches be a video clip, an article or a comment. In addition, people in the green technology and industry will have the platform to connect their messages and get feed-backs from the Adveranda community. Everybody is invited to use it.

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